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Development of procedures of Sales department, strong communitative skills

Опыт работы
  • Sales director
    "Ligna Ukraine" LLC, 2019 - 2021

    development and implementation of Sales strategy and collaboration with CEO on Expansion strategy;managing of Sales Department in collaboration with Accounting and Industrial Departments and State Authorities, ensuring that logistic is progressing and systems are set up and maintained, according to Quality Standards, Standard Operating Procedures and other applicable regulations and industry guidelines;preparing budgeting summary of the Sales/Marketing Department every month, sales management every day, OPEX/CAPEX calculations;manage all of the budgeting, accounting, financial reporting, controlling and analysis of operating data for the group of the company;forecasting, planning, inventory, purchasing and sales management operations; managing relationships and performance of key strategic buyers, wood chains in Ukraine as B2B; valuating and financial analysis for product sourcing changes; maintenance of Accounting department in a program 1C; building up Procurement and tender function with the automation of process management; In the management Reporting process for the Board, the number of reports was reduced by 10%; successful development and introduction of the Quarterly Performance; developing and implementing Cost Management framework with increasing efficiency by more than 5%; Cash-flow management, including tough cutting procedures till the strict limits; Risk management;Various analytical reports to Headquarter. 

  • Co-founder, co-owner
    “Brain Power Group” LLC, 2006 - 2021

    long-term strategy preparation; responsible for the budgeting process in the business division; search and analysis of investments projects; investment program preparation based on effectiveness and necessity; control of budgets execution, rolling re-forecasting, monitoring and updating of investment program; cash-flow management, including tough cutting procedures till the strict limits; risk management & cost management; development financing options, schemes of transactions, involvement escrow model and other financial alternatives; management and negotiations with VIP foreign clients; landlords, agents and lawyers; working with the client team to ensure correct deliverables on time and also with client process and methods; managing the project budget and report project cost information in an accurate and timely manner; team building and development  

  • Deputy chief accountant
    “ATP 1302” LLC, 2012 - 2013

    accrual of salary (time-based, piece-rate) >100 employees; accruals of bonuses, overtime, night; downtime payment; calculation of taxes on employee benefits; calculation of sick leave, maternity leave, annual leave; vacation reserve accrual; analysis of payroll; submission of reports to the regulatory authority; processing basic documents (invoices, tax invoices, bills); operations with stocks (acquisition and write-off); debtor/creditor settlements.  

  • Certificate of Financial Management

    Budgeting, accounting, financial reporting, controlling and analysis of operating data

  • Accounting
    Kyiv National Economic University, 2006
  • military service
    National academy of defence of Ukraine, 2005

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