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Legal. International Affairs. IT/Telecom. 


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    Huawei Ukraine LLC / Хуавей Україна, ТОВ, 2021 - 2021

    Drafting and review of contracts;IPR, advertising law, and commercial law projects;Incorporate advice on all matters concerning legal issues;Working with head office on different legal and IPR issues, leading the group project in these fields;Making proposals on contractual terms and conditions via contracts and agreements with third parties;Legal due diligence with regard to proposed contractual obligations from customer legal attorneys;Assistance with other legal matters in cooperation with outsourced legal services providers.

    Private enterprise , 2020 - 2021


    340Basics, 2020 - 2021

    Analyzing of U. S. federal legislation in health area;Liaising between the IT department and the Executive branch;Acting as an information source and communicator between business branches;Understanding strategic business needs and plans for growth;Enhancing the quality of IT products and services;Analyzing the design of technical systems and business models;Utilizing IT data for business insights;Analyzing business needs;Sourcing and implementing new business technology;Finding technological solutions to business requirements;Producing reports on application development and implementation;Analyzing data to inform business decisions.Achievements: resolved a long term project of the Indian team. 

    Global Message Services , 2018 - 2019

    Developed turnkey SMS Firewall solutions;Integrated solution into customer network (IP, SS7, Sigtran, SMPP);Implemented acceptance test and solution commercial launch;Conducted trainings for customers;Communicated with potential customers and partners; contract work;Managed project team;Tested new services and new specialized tools;Established secure connection with customer’s network;Prepared weekly E2P alfa names data base report;  Monitored, nipped E2P, P2P message gray routes to increase traffic monetization;Developed HLD and LLD;Implemented new technologies in company’s business according to Agile, Scrum.Achievements: reanimated 2 long-term pending firewall implementation projects with mobile operators in Middle Asia, have been implementing Google RCS technology, technical part of Agreement with Real Networks (Seattle, WA) for machine learning, ISO certification. 

    ZTE, Корпорация , 2016 - 2017

    Subcontractors, contracts coordination; Daily KPI monitored and performed troubleshooting of the worst cells;Proposed parameter changes wherever required for KPI improvement;Performed pre swap drive tests reports approval;Performed post swap acceptance;Performed cluster & network level reporting;Handled customer complaints on the cluster level regarding to coverage and overall user experience;Performed escalation of hardware and software related issues to operations support team during cutover;Made swap plans, reports, pre drive test, post drive test, handled troubleshooting on swapped sites;Performed weekly presentation of assigned work and reported to line manager;Verified radio planning parameters for new sites;Performed coverage analysis, identification and optimization of coverage holes.Achievements: established business process of drive test performance, increased business performance KPI, decreased related budget, provided tests from «grey» zone/East of Ukraine.

    Huawei Ukraine LLC / Хуавей Україна, ТОВ, 2014 - 2016

    Implemented strategic, tactical and operational planning of individual units for B2B;Analyzed business procedures and technology sales for their effectiveness;Implemented targets, planning, goal setting and objectives;Motivated the team to achieve set objectives and targets;Monitored and participated in negotiations and transactions;Developed and maintained, interacted with adjacent units;Was responsible for new business solution marketing planning and development strategy execution in Ukrainian market. (New business solution included BSS, VAS, DS Hosting, storage server, Cloud OS, data center, SmartCare, IBS etc.);Was responsible for Ukrainian market new business marketing strategy planning, agreements and development;Service solution sales focused on PS, PCRF, NGN, NGIN, SmartCare, IBS and site development;Software and VAS solution sales focused on BSS and BES development;Was responsible for new business solution branding construction activities;Organized new business solution project operation and management.Achievements: executed long-term pending international agreement (SmartCare PAC signing), negotiated series of contracts for customer network maintenance, received an individual award in July 2015, breakthrough in training course (service) sales.

    Vodafone, 2005 - 2014

    Controlled the flow of budgetary funds for the construction of BTS sites;Made plans and reported on construction of BTS. Monitored the implementation of the plan to build BTS sites. Initiated the process and evaluated key performance indicators (KPI);Participated in tenders in conjunction with the Department of Procurement Management for the selection of the best offers. Initiated and organized the development of technical requirements for the design, construction and expansion of the radio subsystem, a methodology for assessing the commercial proposals of the participants.  Prepared and negotiated construction contracts with the winners of the bidding for the construction of sites and BTS mobile communication controllers on a «turnkey» project;Arranged negotiations on amendments, additions, technical solutions, infrastructure requirements, within the radio access network;Coordinated cooperation between territorial units of PrJSC «MTS Ukraine» and contractors on construction BTS sites, registered and obtained permits and deposit for a BTS;Directed accounting and control for the provision of permits of BTS build sites;Directed and coordinated control check acceptance certificates prepared by territorial units on the construction of a radio access network, to meet the technical requirements and standards of construction, according to the current legislation of Ukraine;Developed and implemented updated algorithms to accept tested BTS sites;Directed and made decisions for the development and implementation of model projects, specifications for construction BTS sites and control of infrastructure equipment;Directed and ensured the implementation of new reporting and statistical data about the course and outcome of the construction sites, provision of BTS permit documents according to the current legislation of Ukraine and local business requirements;Directed a team to monitor changes in the legislation of Ukraine in the field of construction and operation of sites and BTS mobile communication controller environments, formulating permits for BTS build sites;Directed work on reducing excess receivables and payables;On the basis of information from interacting units, performed an operational forecast budget for the construction of platform BTS in the following period (calendar year);Participated in carrying out comprehensive inspections of territorial units;Controlled GSM Roll-Out by «Waterfall»; monitored compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley Act; Implemented indoor solutions for KA;Introduced new additional measures and design to optimize the cost of funds provided for the construction of radio access networks, additionally obtained permits for site BTS;ENGINEER OF IMPLEMENTATION GROUP BSS, HQ, December 2005 — September 2012 (since April 2008 of the 1st cat.)Controlled movement, according to procedure, contracts, applications for payment, application for purchase of BSS equipment;Worked with external suppliers of goods and services;Participated and controlled performance of Siemens Roll-Out project agreed by the authorized plan of construction network GSM; CDMA;Completed transactions of BSS equipment in system SAP R/3 (MM), implemented SAP R3 MM new financial modules according to Waterfall; logistics;Activity based costing manager (BSS). Created corresponding investment projects in budget;Provided Ukrsepro certification.Achievements: liquidated accounts receivable, accounts payable (through Economic court); optimized 40% of annual budget (annual Roll-Out budget — $20M); performed implementation of video observation of parliament elections; integrated SAP new modules, won several courts on accounts receivable. 

  • International private law, Master's degree
    Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, 2022
  • IBM


  • International economy, Master's degree
    Kyiv National Economic University named after Vadym Hetman, 2005

    Master, diploma is recognized by WES in Canada

  • Enterprise economy, Bachelor's degree
    Kyiv National Economic University named after Vadym Hetman, 2004

    Bachelor, diploma is recognized by WES in Canada

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