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International dating site (NDA)/CPA dating network (NDA):

  • increased revenue on 1-3% per month due to integration of users’ birthday greetings;
  • increased revenue on 1-2% per month due to integration functionality of short videos (like Instagram stories);
  • increased ROI on 0.5-1% due to launching loan function for users;
  • received 12 live reviews and expanded the Youtube channel by launching «credits for video reviews» functionality;
  • registered 5 advertisers in the affiliate network and increased income by 2%.


  • increased lead generation from the CPC channel by two times due to the redistribution of the budget and disabling non-conversion announcements/keys;
  • increased direct traffic by 30% (conversion rate by 6%) due to offline activities;
  • Facebook channel launched from scratch. Reduced the cost of a lead from 20 to 50% (compared to previous results) due to testing placement, more precise setting of targeting and loading of the customer base;
  • increased lead generation by 44% with referral traffic due to placement on our target audience resources (banners, articles);
  • established partnership relations with such TOPs of the market as: Rabota.ua, EBA, Edipresse, Business Radio Group;
  • improved the quality and speed of the sales department by improving CRM and finding errors in the sales business process.


  • formed / headed the marketing department after 8 months of work as a junior specialist;
  • drawn / implemented business processes in the office, arranged work between departments;
  • integrated into the CPM market leaders Binotel, Unisender, Jivosite. Achieved the best partner conditions for the firm;
  • took the initiative: implemented scripts for the sales department and a sales plan, to control its implementation. The average conversion rate in the sales department increased by 4% during trial period;
  • reduced the cost of the lead through the CPC channel by 50%;
  • increased loyalty cold customers base via e-mail channel, achieved lead generation on a permanent basis;
  • through legal disputes proved (the company from the US COMODO) the correctness of writing the company name when issuing a certificate for a site such as EV SSL. The dispute lasted 11 months;
  • achieved a positive result about the provision of Viber public service for the company. Previous to this 5 months attempts were not successful.


  • Easy and pleasant in communication;
  • Have good analytical skills;
  • High attention to details;
  • Ready to learn with pleasure 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.



IT, technology, sports.

Опыт работы
  • CEO
    Vgoru digital agency, 2020 - 2020

    launching digital agency from scratch (strategic and short-term planning);marketing strategy development, positioning, promotion, naming;creation optimal organizational structure of the company;business processes systematization (writing work regulations, CRM);team formation and recruitment (one-on-one);negotiating with potential clients, development of commercial offers.

  • IT Project manager (Web)
    International dating site (NDA) , CPA dating network (NDA) , 2019 - 2020

    Dating site main projects/tasks:integration logic for cleaning database from spam;introduction of users loan functionality;management promotions on dating site;users persona model development;operational process of technical support construction, choosing automation system;improving usability by creating general media gallery, redesign interfaces and general pages;writing instructions for integrating new functionality for site moderators / administrators.CPA dating network tasks:building operational process of work for affiliate managers (writing regulations, instructions);integration new advertisers in the affiliate network (setting up offers from scratch);webmasters traffic optimization, creating rules in tracker;interviewing (hiring) affiliate managers.

  • CEO (pet project)
    DemiumStartups, 2019 - 2019

    preparation for launching own project;pitch to investors (Ukraine, USA, Finland);product management (setting hypothesis, customer development, value proposition development);marketing activities (search and evaluation of target markets: Asia, India, USA).

  • Head of Marketing (B2B/B2C)
    Questoria, 2018 - 2019

    marketing department management (4+ employees), recruitment;planning, forecasting, implementation of the marketing plan;marketing budget planning;strategic formation of advertising campaigns for 3-5 months with the marketing department of the entire franchise network;carrying out preparatory work for the withdrawal of a new brand (writing TT for the development of style and brand book, target audience segmentation, carrying out primary Customer development);marketing group of 12 franchise cities (Ukraine, Russia, Belarus) by Scrum methodology. Providing marketing services (Adwords + Facebook targeting, posting), finance control;Adwords account analysing: adjustment budgets for individual ads, keywords, launch GDN;pixel setting, Facebook remarketing. Sorting, loading databases for target ads;control the formation of a content plan for Facebook / Instagram;e-mail newsletters (sorting and loading of the databases, writing TT for templates);lead generation by craud marketing in Facebook target groups and Telegram channels;analysis of existing Landing Page, landing pages of competitors, writing TT / recommendations for development of new pages;Brainstorm, writing TT to the designer (GDN banners, advertising banners, remarketing in FB and Adwords;implementation of BTL and ATL marketing activities;creation of a calendar plan for offline marketing (prioritization of events, the decision on the scale of participation in events from our side);full implementation cycle of POS materials for events;negotiating, contracting for barter relationships;CRM Bitrix24 revision (setting TT for software developers, execution control, testing of CRM and integrable services);implementation of business processes in CRM between departments (marketing, sales, accounts);finalization of the scenario of the distribution of calls in telephony Binotel;listening sales department calls (4 employees), analyzing errors at meetings, updating scripts;tracking and identifying errors at the sales stage, creating a report with points of growth, controlling CRM management by sales department.

  • Head of Marketing(Sales) (B2C)
    IT-Tour/Piligrim , 2017 - 2018

    marketing department management (6+ employees) and sales department management (8+ employees), recruitment;managing the development of the company’s own CRM (working with API documentation, setting up technical task for software developers, monitoring implementation, testing CRM and plug-in services);participation in site improvements, managing web developers department (setting up technical task, monitoring implementation, testing);providing training for new employees;conducting trainings on marketing trends for my own department;development of ideology, strategy and controlling progress;participation in the development of advertising strategy in Google Adwords, work on reducing the cost of a click, increasing CTR;participation in the development of Google Display Network, dynamic remarketing;preparation and control of budget allocation for lead generation channels;development landing pages structure;participation in the e-mail dispatch, loading the bases, development of templates, checking the validity of the base, constructing the chains, push notifications;search and create event for e-mail distribution;participation in the formation of SMM strategy, promotion in Facebook, Instagram;building subscribers and creating funnels in chat bots, development lead generation strategies, lowering the cost of lead;bonus program development;participation in negotiations;work with CPA networks;forecasting KPI in sales department;conversion tracking;integration of sales scripts;listening sales department calls, meetings, fixing errors;structuring of call and sales structure;maintaining full integration of 7+ agencies into companies CRM;negotiating, discussing finance with agency directors;rendering and implementation of business processes in CRM, between departments at the firm in the international format BPMN;writing job descriptions for work / CRM integration instructions.

  • Junior PM of Internet project
    IT-Tour, Система поиска и бронирования туров (Интернет), 2016 - 2017

    piligrim.ua project management;CMS WordPress, site content management;preparation of content strategy for the entertainment sections of the site;planning and monitoring goals in Google Analytics, Tag Manager;search, setting the technical task, budget allocation for copywriters;tracking changes and trends in the rankings of search systems, adapting them to the site;SEO optimization (audit, bug fixes, code optimization, collection of semantics, editing snippets, writing meta tags);analysis of the site’s positions, increase in visibility of high frequency requests, retention of positions;link building (search and selection of sites directly, through exchanges of links), crowd marketing;conversions and traffic quality analysis;lead generation system development;analysis of usability, behavioral factors, site failure rates;building partnerships with services Unisender, Binotel, Ringostat, Jivosite, personal meetings;work in CRM;integration calltracking system Ringostat from scratch, connect three offices into a single telephony system Binotel.

  • Courses
    • B2B sales, Ilya Dudkovsky, 2020;
    • B2B marketing, Natalia Kosarevich, 2020;
    • PR manager, Anton Glivinsky, 2019;
    • Company management (CEO). Anastasia Baidachenko, 2019;
    • Company finance management (2 courses). Anton Shulyk, 2019;
    • Project management. Evgeny Kamashev, 2019;
    • Product management. Launching new product on the market. Vladislav Iltyakov, 2018;
    • Branding. Starting of a new brand from scratch. Elena Erman, 2018;
    • Sales management. Ilya Reinis, 2018;
    • Strategic marketing. Tatiana Lukinyuk, 2018;
    • Business youth «Breakthrough» (marketing, sales, product packaging, hiring staff), 2018;
    • Building business processes. Andrey Drobot, 2018;
    • People management. Mikhail Pritula, 2018;
    • Annual sales and marketing coaching. Sergey Kudelko, 2017;
    • Sales department in 60 days. Business Youth, 2017;
    • Effective negotiations. Sergey Kovalevsky, 2017;
    • Real email market
  • Automation Control of Electrotechnical Systems
    National Technical University of Ukraine “KPI”, 2014

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