Django Python Backend Engineer for webbased geospatial solutions

4 500 ₴ - 5 000 ₴ /За месяц
Днепр, проспект Слобожанський 29
1 год назад
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Your key responsibilities

Development and maintenance of the backend of our digital geosolutions
Evaluation and prototyping with new technologies
Our web tech stack is based on Python, Django, PostgreSQL, Angular,, and Cesium.js.

Your qualifications

Minimum 3 years experience in the development of enterprise-level web-solutions and higher degree in software engineering
Deep knowledge of Python, Django, PostgreSQL and REST API’s
Familiarity with standard versioning tools and agile methodology
Speaks fluently english
A self-starter who is independent and highly motivated with passion for new technologies
experience in the following topics is a plus: geoinformatics, open source geospatial libraries, IoT-messaging systems (RabbitMQ, Redis, Kafka), docker
About us

We are an european SME that develops geospatial software and hardware solutions for the digital construction site. Our main topics are cloudbased geodata platforms, 3D-websolutions, automatized drone mapping, BIM, IoT-monitoring and mobile datacollector apps.

Please apply with your CV, cover letter and certificates of your degrees, if you are interested in this opportunity.

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